photo © Robert Sanchez


I’m currently available for saxophone and woodwind overdubs for any of your musical endeavors.

For session work, I’m happy to meet you in a local studio, or you may submit your tracks online and I will complete the overdubs on my home setup (details below).

I’ve worked in a wide variety of settings, including rock, blues, straight-ahead jazz, funk, Latin-pop, indie rock, fusion, electronica, musicals, Latin jazz, kraut rock, commercial music, spoken word, r&b, avant-garde, and even Ron Burgundy style jazz flute.


Television/internet advertising credits: Planter’s Peanuts, Red Lobster, Cymbalta, LG, Google (GMail), Kellog’s, etc.

Bands I’ve recorded with: Little Hurricane, The Black Sands, The Heavy Guilt, Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels, Lion and the Lady, etc.


Selmer, Yanagisawa, and Yamaha saxes with a variety of mouthpieces suitable for different styles. Flute: Yamaha 584. Clarinet: Buffet R13. Bass clarinet on request.

Recording setup: Pro Tools 12 with high-quality digital conversion. Excellent preamps and a variety of microphones are available (AKG 414, Shure SM7, Beyerdynamic m160 and m88, Sennheiser 421) to achieve the desired sound for your project.


I am also experienced as a recording engineer and would be happy to track your entire band, solo project, overdubs, etc. It’s my passion to work with local musicians and help contribute to your creative vision. Please visit my recording website for more info.